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Weavings is a part of the "Planet" Group (erstwhile Radhakrishna Group). With over thirty thousand employees the Group has a rich and diverse experience in manpower intensive sectors like Food Services, Retail, Quick Service Restaurants, Distribution, and Logistics businesses. In its journey of over thirty years, the Group has acquired considerable expertise in people and workforce management.

Weavings expertise and experience range from managing specific functions to end to end staffing solutions encompassing recruitment, training, career development plans, on boarding, exits, transfers, employee motivation, employee satisfaction, employee engagement, retrenchment management, festivals and holidays, shift management, unions, wages, incentives, and reimbursements. Weavings aims to serve the people management needs of businesses.

There are more than 480 million workers in India and 423 million (90%) workers are informal/unorganized workers.

With more than half a billion Indians under the age of 25 there is no dearth of workers in the country. However with most of the workforce engaged in the informal or unorganised sectors, the much talked about demographic dividend may be passing us by. With urbanisation a shift of the work force from farm to non-farm sectors is slow but definite. With an unskilled, untrained and inadequately educated workforce, the employability of our workers is a concern for all employers.

It is more challenging for the country to ensure inclusive growth than achieving 8-10% growth in GDP.

"WEAVINGS aims to serve the customer better through an effective (impactful) and sustainable business model, that enables the youth and un-organized work force in India to aspire, grow, and succeed in a nurturing environment that is disciplined and structured, which helps improve their employability and unleash their potential without compromising on values, integrity, and productivity."

Vision :

To be the key change agent, providing people management solutions, through an institutionalized process of tapping, harnessing, and rewarding human potential, that enhance the operational efficiency of organizations in a sustainable manner, while contributing to the socio-economic advancement of the workforce.

Mission :

Deliver a cost-effective and sustainable business model to our clients through people management solutions for the Manufacturing,SupplyChain, Sales and Distribution and Support Services Domains.

Increase productivity and employability of the workforce with training and other development tools aimed at creating certified and multi-skilled resources.

Provide alternate and long term work opportunities to people from the unorganized and semi-organized sectors of the workforce.

Values :

  • Work : We offer work opportunities
  • Employability : We offer long term careers by developing skills that allow our people to be employable,today and tomorrow
  • Aspirations : We understand our people’s aspirations and put them on the right direction towards achieving them
  • Values : We ensure that our people deliver value through values
  • Integrity : We ensure that integrity prevails at all levels under all ircumstances
  • Nurture : We care for and nurture our people and that compassionate is reflected in everything we do
  • Growth : We offer clarity in terms of professional & personal growth to our people
  • Sustainability : Everything we do is done in the context of sustainability, for now and for the future, through a holistic process which is interconnected and interdependent

Temporary Staffing Solutions
"Weavings is committed to a structured and systematic way of ensuring that the manpower becomes skilled, receives its equitable dues, and delivers value to clients, customers, and all stake holders".

We employ people from various sectors - formal and informal - and help our associates on a career path through training and other developmental interventions. This trained, skilled, and motivated work force is readily available to our clients and can be engaged to outsource work in the areas of manufacturing, supply chain, sales and distribution and a host of support services functions.

HR BPO Solutions
Our HR BPO solution is a one point initiative that aims at addressing the various needs of our clients such as – Integrated HRIS platform, Statutory Compliance Management, Document Management System, Attendance & Leave Management, Payroll etc. Currently, such systems are being managed by various vendors for the client, increasing operational and transactional costs. It also increases the chances of conflict between two or more systems and/or vendors, which can prove costly for the client.

Our services enable clients to have a “single window” through which they can quickly deploy the system, thereby helping them to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and thus competitive market advantage.

To be competitive in today's environment, organisations need to focus on their core competencies. For the non-core functions, organisations need resource optimisation models and variability in cost structure, thus allowing quicker responses to a changing environment.

Headcount limitations and pressures to convert a fixed payroll cost to variable, adversely affect team morale and productivity. Such constraints also reduce the business ability to respond to sudden spikes in manpower needs. Partnering with professionals engaged in work force management such as Weavings helps overcome such challenges.

Third party contracting not only lowers the risks of people management complexities like attrition, retrenchment etc., but also makes the workforce management process easier and simpler. Significant cost savings in administrative overheads attached to workforce management and benefits of scale passed on make a compelling argument favouring an engagement with Weavings.

Our HR BPO and Staffing initiatives are a single window solution that facilitates the outsourcing of our clients’ manpower management requirements to leverage benefits that translate to the following:

  • Focusing on the strategic and transformational aspects of our clients’ business, while we take over your transactional and administrative activities.
  • Achieve significant cost savings in administrative overheads attached to an in-house manpower management program.
  • Rationalise the multiple costs of operating with various vendors, thus ensuring a single-point cost-effective solution for all manpower management operations.
  • Lowering the risks of people management complexities like attrition, retrenchment etc., making the manpower management process easier and simpler.
  • Leverage technology and systems for recruitment management, employee data management, performance management & compensation, training & development and beyond.
  • Allows for scalable and cost effective technology for our clients’ needs, while maintaining data confidentiality & security.
  • Ensures strict adherence and monitoring of statutory compliance.

For a successful manpower management project, every aspect of people, systems, and organisational dynamics has to be taken care of - and Weavings is the perfect partner that an organization can choose to outsource and manage this transition.

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