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There is a need for manpower that is skilled and ready to deliver from day one. It is also important that such resources stay and grow with the organization. Weavings deploys associates on demand as per business needs of clients. We run multiple grooming, training, and motivational programs that build associates capabilities and set standards by certifying and creating a future ready workforce.


The process our associates go through at Weavings is geared towards ensuring a high level of sustainability. The Weavings methodology helps the associate to develop and grow continuously on both personal and professional levels. The core of this methodology involves providing a high performance and learning environment to our associates who are trained over-time to nurture and mentor new joiners.


At Weavings, excellence is a way of being and our ‘Business Excellence’ team ensures what we do is meticulous and well documented. The systems and processes created ensure that excellence is delivered both to our clients and associates.

Our team of ‘Subject Matter Experts’ dedicated in each functional domain engage and understand client's business requirements, consult and collaborate with the clients on best practices and derive cognitive solutions. Each training program is updated and customised for maximum relevance and effectiveness. At Weavings we stay abreast of our client's need and develop workforce for anticipated skills and knowledge. Our experience and expertise has helped us create and refine models that maps productivity allowing us to collaborate with the client on the right remedial measures and enhance overall productivity.


At Weavings we invest time in understanding our client's needs to achieve the right fitment for our associates. The time invested also helps us engage experts in the specific field to arrive at the best workforce solution. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the potential we tap into, transforms into efficient delivery at the job site. This integration takes into account the client's present need and future requirements.

  • Hygiene and grooming.
  • Training.
  • Supervision, Training-need-identification, Refresher training, and Certification.
  • Delivery by productivity.
  • Delivery by outcome.
    • These transformations help increase productivity and manage system costs in the most efficient manner possible.


      IT has been a strategic differentiator in the outsourcing industry. At Weavings, IT is not just a support group but a key enabler of business change. We have relentlessly leveraged IT whilst executing our strategic goal of building a collaborative and transparent relationship with our clients and associates. Our clients are also able to get real-time information on workforce deployment, manning, and attendance status. They can monitor reports on associate performances against goals set and can generate customized reports to align their business goals.

      Our philosophy of putting technology ahead of people and processes has resulted in its smarter application technology that delivers year-on-year productivity improvements, and simplifies businesses. This has helped us increase operational efficiencies by improving transparency across verticals, minimizing errors, enhancing data integrity and security, thus reducing delivery costs.


HR BPO gives companies the advantage of being ahead of their contemporaries by being able to implement latest technology tools to manage as well as retain human resources. Weavings is a people management organisation with vast experience with the ability to harness expertise and technology to provide you with an unparalleled, cost-effective, and sustainable model for people management. We take over your transactional and administrative activities, allowing you to focus on the strategic and transformational aspects of your business. We achieve this by employing cutting-edge technology to help you address your business challenges. Companies can utilize our innovative solutions such as mobile and self-servicing platforms to enable and empower people management functions.


Often companies lack the necessary know-how of signing up for a HR BPO contract because of the details involved, and the benefits that a particular company can avail. Weavings provides a unique offering that consolidates individual service offerings by different service providers (attendance and payroll management, document management, statutory compliance management etc.) into a single homogeneous unit. Our integrated services offer clients the benefits of streamlining process flow along with optimum resource utilisation through a single point of contact.


Addressing end-to-end people management processes, Weavings HR BPO saves you time and resources spent on transactional processes, so you can leverage these for business critical activities such as organisational development and strategic realignment.

  • One-stop shop for hire-to-retire processes
  • Unique Document Management System
  • Scalable and Cost-effective Model
  • Data Confidentiality and Security
  • Helpline for Client Queries / Requirements
  • IT & Software Support
  • Compliance Monitoring and Adherence

For a successful HR BPO project, every aspect of people, systems, and organizational dynamics has to be taken care of – and Weavings is the perfect partner that a company can choose to outsource and manage this transition.

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