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Social Responsibility

Commitment to Social Responsibility

Weavings is focused on supporting those segments of the workforce that are currently neglected or forced to work in unhygienic and unsafe environments. The people in this workforce have little or no training, little dignity of labour, and no motivation to perform at their best.

At Weavings, what we do daily is imbued with a deep sense of social responsibility. Our associates are trained in a manner that ensures sustainable and gainful employment and a development path that they can clearly visualize. The associate is rewarded for better performance and there is a link established between good performance and distinct improvement in the quality of life over time.

As we grow, the number of people whose lives will be directly and indirectly benefited will also go up immensely. Their standing in the community will go up, and this will also inspire others to seek careers with Weavings. It is our clear intention that day-by-day, associate by associate, we improve the lives of every person who work with us and we are convinced that for India to see inclusive growth business models such as Weavings are key drivers.

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