Weavings| Corporate Manpower Services & People Management Solutions


  • Weavings is a one stop shop offering end-to-end People Management Solutions.

  • Weavings employs subject matter experts to engage with the client to thoroughly understand their requirements and processes.

  • Weavings has a core commitment towards Social Responsibility, and is intent on improving the lives of its associates. We strongly believe in the long run our impact will help improve the workforce community and the society at large.

  • Weavings solutions allow the customers to unburden themselves in dealing with resource scalability and resource management challenges.
  • Weavings offers 100% transparency and real-time access to associates' data through our IT enabled processes.

  • Weavings offers Onsite Management through dedicated onsite personnel to ensure smooth operations.

  • Weavings helps its customers save up to 60% on total manpower cost across the country, through our efficient and transparent People Management Solutions.

  • Weavings offers statutorily compliant People Management Solutions to clients and high standards of corporate governance.

QHHSSEMCC-ITC-Our Guiding Principles

Whats Sets us Apart

Our group philosophy - QHHSSEMCC - ITC - is centred on ensuring operational excellence for our clients in a sustainable manner. This involves a high level of focus on the softer, qualitative aspects of people management which have a significant impact on the value that we deliver to our clients.

What sets us apart?

We are not a manpower organization but a people management organization that focuses on long-term engagement with people on multiple levels, both professional and personal, with a specific focus on improving their quality of life over time.

  • Passionate and committed leadership team with 50+ years of experience in the people management arena.
  • Over 35+ years of group experience leading to unmatched domain expertise in Supply Chain and Sales & Distribution
  • Strategic, collaborative and an integrated approach creates a highly refined client engagement.
  • Continuous engagement with associates throughout their entire professional career.
  • Unique and rigorous training methodology and processes.
  • Meticulously defined systems, processes and IT geared towards continuous and measurable productivity improvements.

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